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  1. Great image Ron. I sure did miss getting out on the water in Kenai Fjords this past summer. Schedule just didn’t allow it. Looking forward to making up for it this next year though!

  2. As always, very nice Ron! This must be the smoking area of R-Bay… Rogue teenagers out for a puff.. My kids and I had the opportunity to see this when we visited in this past August. They were soo excited to witness the Orca in their natural habitat. Thanks, for the memory refresh..

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    Thanks a lot everyone! I can’t wait to get back out there next summer – Kenai Fjords National Park is a real treat.

    @ David Me too!

    @ Ine I hope you are able to see whales!

    @ Oyvind – it can be.

    @ Mark thanks – sounds like you had a great trip!

    Mark, glad to hear

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  5. Ron, you and your wife make it seem so easy to get these wonderful pictures and to then present them in the best light. I am a photographer also and I can only guess at the work it takes you in all climes. But you make a bright place for us your admirers. I love your work. and I love the whales. thank you

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  7. Really fantastic image! It’s so amazing to see orcas in the wild, and the lighting in their breath is just awesome! It’s cool too that you can actually see a reflection of the mist on the water surface as well.

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