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Alpenglow on Mt. Alice, Chugach National Forest, Seward, Alaska.

Alpenglow on Mt. Alice, Chugach National Forest, Seward, Alaska.

I took this photo out the front door just an hour or so after getting home on Sunday – what a great welcome home!  I have hundreds, if not thousands of somewhat similar images of this mountain, I will probably take thousands more – how can I resist?

During long trips and our summer in Alaska I’m getting enough new material to post to the blog 5 days a week.  This time of year I’m concentrating on office work, so I might not post as often over the next few months, maybe 3 times a week.  I know I have said that in the past and continued posting 5 days a week, but it takes the pressure off if I lower the expectations.  🙂

Correction:  Thanks to Aaron below, I now know this isn’t actually considered alpenglow.  This is alpenglow.

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  1. Glad you made it back safely! Definitely a beautiful shot to welcome you home and looking forward to all of your posts from the trip!

  2. Your front door? I have a few choice words for you but I’ll keep them to myself. You are so lucky to have that as the surrounding scenery. Congrats on a great trip and good luck on the office work.

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  4. Nice photo from the front door Ron. We just got done booking are trip up your way in July 2010. We will be in Seward on July 9, due a cruise , Kenai Fjords on the 10th, return to Anchorage on the 11th , on the 12th Redoubt bay for bear viewing and then to Denali for a 13 hour trip to Kantishna and back out on bus the 14th, the next day we will just do the park buses and return home very early on the 17th.

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    Hi Carl,

    What is ASL?

    Hi Dennis,

    Sounds like a great trip! Unless it is clear and the mountain is out, you may not want to ride all the way to Kantishna. That last stretch can be quite, and can make for a long day. But, be sure you go all the way to the Visitor Center. Then on the second day be sure to get off the bus and hike around a bit. You should have a blast!


  6. Hey Ron,
    A bit of an off topic question here. What type of memory card do you use? I just got the Canon 5D Mark II, and at 21mp am not sure if I should go with the 8GB or 16GB. There’s such a difference in price. I’m looking at Sandisk Extreme III since it is much more reasonably priced than then Extreme IV.

  7. Much as I’ve loved your images taken on your recent travels my main love is Alaska. So I’m looking forward to more Alaska even if only 3 times a week!!

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    Scott – right before this last trip I picked up my first 16 GB Sandisk Extreme card, I had been using 8 GB cards before – I really liked having the extra capacity, it took a long time to fill that puppy. I would go with the 16GB card – my future purchases will be that size or larger.

  9. Hey Ron,

    Sorry … I meant ‘high ASL’ .. as in, high above sea level.If that peak is right out your front door. You must be one helluva downhiller. 🙂

    Nearly minus 40 this am.



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  11. Bet you’re experiencing the wonderful warm glow that I get whenever I move seasonally from one of our homes to the other, both with spectacular views that I photograph over and over and over again. Can’t stop myself, and each is always somewhat different from the others, especially with the Alpenglow, which w e’re lucky to enjoy in both places. There’s something especially wonderful when its home welcoming you back.

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  13. Great images Ron. Just have to point out that technically alpenglow is the glow mountains give _after_ the sun has set. In other words, not from direct sunlight, like the image here. It’s a common misconception and I’m fighting a (probably losing) battle to maintain the word’s original meaning.

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    Hi Aaron,

    You know I did a little further fact checking, and you are right – I have mis-used that word for years! Thanks for the correction.


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