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 Lynn Chamberlain

Unfortunately I don’t get the Outdoor Channel, so I have never seen Lynn Chamberlain’s show on Outdoor Photo Adventures.  Now I’m anxious to check out a few episodes; here is the story why;

Lynn contacted me this past winter about possibly helping out with a few shows he would be filming in Alaska this summer.  I was sorry it didn’t work with my schedule, but we swapped emails and phone calls and I did my best to help him out by suggesting locations and vendors.

Forward fast to this past Wednesday, I was out at Tern Lake shooting some baby ducks when a film crew and photographer pulled up in a motor home and began shooting.  I had to ask; sure enough it was Lynn Chamberlain and his crew!  Small world.  Lynn was traveling with an expert cameraman named Dan Blust, and helping out with production support was his son Alex. 

Three nicer people would be hard to find.  These were the kind of guys that after about a minute of visiting, I felt like I was talking with lifelong friends.  Great guys who were obviously having a blast shooting in Alaska.  Needless to say the rest of the evening was spent at Tern Lake shooting and talking – well mostly talking.

After spending some time together, they decided they wanted to include me in one of their episodes!  Well it sounded like a fun time to me, so I certainly wasn’t going to say no.  I already had the day scheduled to shoot a couple good friends / models as the fly fished on the Russian River, so they came along and shot me shooting my friends.  It was a great time.  The Red Salmon were so thick you would almost step on them while crossing the river.  My buddy Ramon provided the highlight of the day catching and releasing a big bright beautiful Dolly Varden.

After we left the Russian River, Lynn’s crew came to our home studio and interviewed Janine and I.  The idea was to show a slice of life of a full-time outdoor photographer, not just the fun field stuff, but also the office side of the occupation as well.

The crew seemed pleased – I hope they came away with a show.  If they did, it probably won’t air for at least a year. 

The photo at the top is of Lynn as he shoot an opening to the show, the bottom image is of Dan and Alex filming in the middle of the Russian River.

Dan and Alex

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  1. What and awesome story!!!!!!!! I will have to check out his show, then watch for the episode with you in it! Be sure to ask for a copy to show the grandkids 🙂

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