Steve Irwin Killed by a Stingray

Ron Niebrugge Miscellaneous 1 Comment

I was sorry to hear this morning that Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed after getting stung in the chest by a Stingray.  He was filiming a documentary in Australia when the fluke accident happened.  I’m sure the details will come to light in the press in the days to come. Read More

Two Days in the Field

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Biking Russian Lakes - Resurrection River Trail

Author:  Janine Niebrugge

One great thing about shooting the Chugach National Forest this summer has been the opportunity to explore new areas.  I have found most people feel the need to travel away from home to recreate and vacation.  Or tend to frequent favorite areas over and over.  Ron and I are no exception.  We have our favorite trails right here in Seward and we do them over and over again.  So this summer we have ventured beyond our backyard and have had a blast doing so! Read More