Las Vegas Panoramic

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Las Vegas Panoramic

  We are now in Las Vegas enjoying the warm weather.  Our Mojave travels were not productive for photography.  We didn’t see any baby quail in an area we had seen dozens a year ago.  Right after our trip a year ago, the area was burned by a wildfire.  Thanks to fire damage and drought, we found very little wildlife this year.  We may have been a week too early as well.   Read More

Alaska Magazine

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Seward Campground

The May / June issue of Alaska Magazine was very good to us.  Along with the above photo of the Seward Campground in an ad for the Milepost, we had photos in two different articles and then received a very nice mention in bold in the In Print section.  This is definitely an issue to be proud of!

Travel Plans

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Yellowstone National Park

I can’t believe we are already hitting the road again this weekend.  We didn’t really allow for enough time in the office, but that’s ok, we can’t miss this time of year!  I’m really excited about our upcoming travels.  Read More

Grizzly wolf stand-off

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Grizzly Wolf Stand-off

This was on another visit to Denali, about a month after the chase that I wrote about yesterday.  The pups had left the den, and we could see them at a rendezvous site across the valley if we looked carefully with binoculars.  While we were watching, this very large grizzly wandered down the valley.  Three of the adult wolves walked to the top of the bank and watched very carefully – you can see two of them in this photo.  After a few minutes, the black yearling went down the bank presumably to run the bear off.  Unlike yesterday’s photo, this bear didn’t run.  In fact, he barely even looked up!  As you can see in this photo, he even has his back to the wolf as he feeds.  Read More

Wolves chasing a Grizzly

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Wolf and Bear Chase

The den for the Grant Creek wolf pack has been in a closed area fairly near the Denali National Park road.  Because of this, this stretch of road can be very popular with the visitors and tour buses.  We were there one day when out of no where a grizzly came charging down the road running in and out of the buses.  Janine speculated that maybe the wolves were on to him for being too close to the den.  Sure enough, a minute later came three member of the pack charging down between the same buses.  They followed the grizzlies scent out to the riverbed where they caught up to the small adult bear and the chase was on!  Read More