Catching Air

Ron Niebrugge Arizona, Phoenix, Photos, Travel 2 Comments

Catching Air

This is Nick jumping over my camera while launching off a steep drop.  I put a very wide-angle lens (17mm) on my camera and positioned it just below the lip, on the steepest part of the bank and used a remote to fire the camera.  Nick then got a run at the drop and launched off this hill and over my camera as I fired it.  Read More

More Mountain Biking

Ron Niebrugge Arizona, Phoenix, Photos, Travel 1 Comment

Mountain Biking Photos

This is Nick Verdisco tearing it up at McDowell!  We had a great time shooting with Nick, and I think we got some good stuff.  I must admit, I had forgotten about the near full moon and just happened to see it in the corner of my eye while shooting Nick taking a jump.  I definitely had to work it into a composition.Read More