Number 1 asked question

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I get many questions each month, and I try to take the time to answer each one of them – although now this blog may do some of that for me.  I anticipated questions like:  “How do you find wild wolves”, “Where is this waterfall?” “How did you capture the light in the image” or “How do you shoot northern lights?”  These are questions I have had about other photographers work.  Take all of these type questions combined and double that number, and it won’t come close to the number one question I’m asked which is:  Read More

Life on the Road!

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Life on the Road 

Being an outdoor and travel photographer seems like a glamorous lifestyle.  Well, it is a wonderful lifestyle, but not always glamorous.  This photo was inadvertently placed on our searchable on-line database where A fellow photographer at one of our stock agencies saw it and had a good laugh – he totally could relate.  Read More

Ron’s other half.

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I am the “behind the scene” part of the business and I like it that way.  People always ask if I photograph as well.  I am quick to answer, maybe too quick, No.  I have no interest in photography whatsoever.  I don’t even know how to use Ron’s camera’s!  But I enjoy the process of photography.  Being out in the field and experiencing nature first hand.  I love when we explore the backcountry hiking, boating, kayaking and camping.  I enjoy identifying the plants, flowers, birds and wildlife.  I am technically Ron’s “assistant” when we are in the field.  But I often forget those duties and fall short of being the ideal assistant.  But I think I make a great companion :)!Read More

Taking Better Pictures

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Ever get back from a vacation and been frustrated with your pictures?  It is a common complaint.  Here are some general tips that I think can help many people take better pictures:

1.  Use a tripod.  I know, they are a pain – it is so much easier to just hand hold the camera.  But not only does using a tripod give you better picture quality by stabilizing the camera – it also forces you to slow down which is the next tip.

2.  Slow Down.  Take your time and really think about your picture, the composition and all the elements.  Instead of rattling off 5 mediocre pictures, spend the time to take one good picture.  This is where a tripod can come in helpful. Read More