Kenai Fjords National Park Photo Tour

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Bear Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.
Bear Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska.

For the first time in years, I’m offering a Kenai Fjords National Park photo tour! In fact I’m offering two of them, and I have 1 spot remaining on one of the trips remaining available.

This trip has it all! A helicopter photo flight with the doors off and an extended landing high in the mountains. A paddle among the huge Icebergs of Bear Glacier Lagoon. Four full days / nights on a 65 foot yacht with a total of only four guests – we will be spending out days and evenings in the most amazing landscapes, not to mention all the wildlife including whales, puffins otters and eagles. This trip is timed around the peak of the killer whale viewing season. Plus, first rate lodging, Alaska Railroad and so much more. Follow the link for all the details.

Can you find the bat?

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Bat, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.
Bat, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.

Can you find the bat?  This was a bit of a lucky photo.  Typically to capture bats you need a really fast camera trigger setup and this is usually accomplished by having the shutter open, and having the trigger connected directly to the flashes.  Here, since I’m photographing slower moving mammals, I have the trigger connected to the camera.  The bat should have been long out of the frame, but it must have circled back or something. Nice surprise!

More Fox!

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Gray fox.

Gray fox love to climb up on rocks, stumps and trees.  Unfortunately, this one has walked right past this stump night after night as he comes in for a drink – that is until last night!  Unfortunately his ears got blocked a little bit, but it is a start!  

Female Cardinal

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Female cardinal.
Female cardinal.

A female cardinal in flight thanks in part of Olympus Pro Capture “time machine”! This is a recent image from the lower blind at the desert photo retreat.  

House Finch

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House finch, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.
House finch, Desert Photo Retreat, Arizona.

Here are some house finch gathering at the edge of the new reflecting table at the morning blind.

Favorite Photos from 2019

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It is fun to take a few minutes to look back on the bast year as I select my favorite photos – it is a good reminder at just how blessed I am to live this life, and travel to so many amazing places with wonderful people!!

For those interested, here are more: Favorite photos of 2018, Favorite Photos of 2017, Favorite Photos of 2016, Favorite Photos of 2015Favorites of 2014, Favorite photo of 2013, Favorite photos of 2012favorite photos of 2011favorite photos of 2010  –  favorite photos of 2009 and finally, favorite photos of 2008. Guess I have been doing this for awhile. Thanks to Jim Goldstein for starting this!

Had to include one of my favorite camera trapping images. This is a gray fox under the stars at the Desert Photo Retreat.
Brown bear in a meadow of lupine. This was one of many from two wonderful bear photo tours!
Northern lights in the Books Range, Alaska from this past September. Seeing the aurora is such an amazing experience!
Another from northern most Alaska this past September – polar bear right at sunset. Always a treat to have such great light in the Arctic!
This is a little different, but cool – like literally! This was from the bottom of a crevasse on Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjord National Park as Trevor looks down to make sure I’m still ok.
I could do a whole post of favorites of just brown bears! Another one from this past June.
I love bobcats! This one was visiting the water hole at the Desert Photo Retreat last spring.
A couple of models riding through the beautiful desert around Tucson, Arizona.
I love how the mountain around the Desert Photo Retreat just glow in the evening making for a great background for this colorful cardinal.
We found this incredible field of fireweed to be loaded with Rufous Hummingbirds! This was from my Southeast Alaska Yacht trip. We will definitely be returning to this beach in the future.
Brown bear sow with spring cubs in Pack Creek. This was an unforgettable experience having this group run somewhat towards, and then on past us! Anther image from my Southeast Alaska yacht trip.
Black-throated sparrows captured with a camera remote, a technique I plan on using much more in 2020. Also from the Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.
Horned Puffin from my June bear trip to Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.
Bald Eagle on an iceberg in Tracy Arm, Southeast, Alaska.
Javelina at sunrise at the Desert Photo Retreat.

I left out so many cool images, including mating and playing bears and bubble-net feeding and breeching humpback whales! But, I had to draw the line somewhere. Looking forward to 2020!

Ringtail and skunk

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A ringtail and hooded skunk, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.
A ringtail and hooded skunk, Desert Photo Retreat, near Tucson, Arizona.

I know I have commented over the years as to how surprised I am with how many animals will share the water hole at the same time – especially skunks with others.  Here is a hooded skunk on his way to the waterhole which is just out of the frame on the right, with a ringtail watching!  Crazy.   This ringtail is at the spot a placed some catnip.  

For this image I used three flashes, one camera right, one camera left, and a I added a third one behind the log for highlights.