Painted Buffalo Roam, West Yellowstone, Montana

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Painted Buffalo, West Yellowstone, Monatana

These are two of 25 nearly life size painted buffalo placed around the town of West Yellowstone, Montana yesterday (Sunday).  Each statue is has been beautifully hand painted by well known artists.  It is a great idea.  It is interesting to see what each artist did with each statue.  I understand these will be displayed around town for the next 3 years, and then each one will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The top Buffalo was painted by Diane Anderson, the bottom one by Pat Schermerhorn.

Painted Buffalo, West Yellowstone, Monatana

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  2. Do you have photos of all the buffalo? They are great!
    I have photos of the painted Salmon on Parade You may want to check their website) in Anchorage, the Peanuts characters in MSP, painted cows, and other painted finures from various cities; and I would like to add these to my colloection.
    Thanks! SR

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    Hi Susan,

    I only have photos of a few of them. That is a good reminder on the Salmon on Parade – I need to photograph them on one of my next trips through Anchorage.



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