Party of Four?

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Sea Otters, Resurrection Bay, near Seward, Alaska.

Sea Otters, Resurrection Bay, near Seward, Alaska.

Our trip last weekend couldn’t have started off any better after finding two extremely cooperative sea otters.  After spending a bit of time photographing them, we watched as two other otters (say that fast) came swimming from near shore and joined the first two.  The four of them put on some show as they played silly otter games.  🙂

This was captured with a Canon 7D with only a 70-200 and 1.4 converter at f/6.3, 5ooth a second and ISO 400.

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  2. Does the 1.4x converter work well with the 70-200? I never bothered getting a converter for my 100-400 because I thought it wouldn’t work properly(slow or trouble focusing).

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    I never used the 1.4 on the 100-400 either. Focus was too slow and quality was already bad enough. It works great on the 70-200, but I do have the 2.8 version. I’m not sure how effective it would be on the f/4 version.

  4. Ron: First time I have been to your site. I LOVE your pics. I hope it was OK, but I tagged the picture of the sea otters. We are from Homer and travel to Seward on a regular basis. If that is not OK with you, I will untag. This is something that people in Montana (where we are originally from) don’t get to see. Otters were one of the first things we got to see when we were in the kelp beds out of Homer (hundreds of them). It brings up many memories of years ago.

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    @ Noella Thanks a lot, it was a delight!

    @ Roxy Thanks a lot for the comment! Sure, feel free to tag and share my photos, and thanks for asking! We enjoy going to Homer as well.

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