Peak to Peak Gondola

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The Peak to Peak (acutally called Peak 2 Peak) trams runs between the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

The Peak to Peak (actually called Peak 2 Peak) trams runs between the tops of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

This was an amazing ride!  We had to do it, although Janine had to take a big step given her fear of heights!

So check out these stats – all world records by the way:

  • Largest unsupported free span in the world – 1.88 miles.
  • Highest lift in the world of its kind –  1,361 feet.
  • It is also the longest continuous lift in the world – total distance traveled is 2.73 miles.

And in case that wasn’t enough excitement, they even put a glass floor in a few of the cars!

Here are some more interesting facts.  The total ride lasts 11 minutes.  There are 28 cars, each can carry up to 28 passengers, that means the thing can move 4,100 passengers per hour.

Here are more Whistler, Canada pictures.

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  1. Looks like you had a brief bit of fun up there? Driving up to Whistler today for the rest of the week with the family. Pulling our 16′ camper with our Honda Ridgeline. Once we park, we will then ride bikes around on the network of trails for the rest of the week. Whistler is so nice with the lakes and lack of cars. Why can’t we eliminate cars from some roads in Seattle?

  2. Nice picture! Good for you Janine that you convinced yourself in doing it! I wasn’t to fond of it either, but I really thought it was worth it!

  3. That is an amazing photo Ron. My mom’s Vancouver cousin is recommending that we check out Whistler which wasn’t on our radar but it sounds like you are having a great time. How long is the bus ride?

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    Just made the long trip home today – it is nice to be home!

    That sounds like a great trip Jon! We decided we need to return with our trailer and spend at least a week or two in the area. I agree, I love the lack of cars! Have a fun trip.

    Hi Ine – that is some ride isn’t it!

    Richard – You definitely need to take a detour up there. I think the bus ride was about two hours each way. Another great side trip is Victoria – it is 3 or 4 hours via bus / ferry.

  5. I thought this was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway when I first saw it. Were heading their tomorrow morning for a ride up to the peak. Your ride sounds a little more interesting, recording breaking and all, but Palm Springs is always fun. I have been enjoying the blog lately Ron.

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    Hey thanks Rick! Gotta say, that Palm Springs tramway is a great ride. I would imagine it will be nice to escape that desert heat this time of year! Have fun Rick.

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