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Baby javelina last night at the Desert Photo Retreat near Tucson, Arizona.

Baby javelina last night at the Desert Photo Retreat near Tucson, Arizona.

It has been a very busy week down here in the desert – renting tractors for the road, moving our RV, setting stuff up etc.  Along with the work, there has been some good news and bad news to share, lets start with the bad news.

Despite making a special trip to Arizona in August to work on the water, the water drip clearly stopped working again right after we left.  So when I arrived on the property there wasn’t a single bird, the place was disappointingly desolate!  A check of the game cam showed no activity as well, definitely discouraging.

Now the good news.  Within one day of getting the water going and feeders up, I already had birds returning, and within three days it was back to normal!  Now a week in, I seem to have more wildlife then we ever did last year!   I think in part that has to do with the hot dry fall Arizona has experienced – the food / water options are more limited.

Also, the gray fox pair is still around, been seeing them every afternoon and evening.  In addition, the javelina are now a group of 19 strong, including 6 little babies – a couple can hardly walk correctly yet.  The javelina used to come by every couple of days last year.  This year, they come by every couple of hours hogging the quail food, so I may need to make some feeding changes, but the babies are fun to watch.  More to come.

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