Pier 39, San Francisco

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Pier 39, San Francisco, California.

Pier 39, San Francisco, California.

So here is the deal.  This trip has definitely been very different then most our photography trips from Alaska.  First, as most of you know, we spent a week with a family issue.  Then we spent a week that was effectively a vacation.  For the first time in probably 10 years we  spent some time where photography or the photography business wasn’t our sole focus and main priority.  Sure I have still been taking photos, but as more of a secondary activity.

During this week we spent the time around Lake Tahoe and San Francisco with some long time friends and had a great time.  I saw my first professional football game, and did lots and lots of fun stuff that I am really grateful for – it was a blast.   But now we are back to “work”.  We are now in San Francisco and are back to full time photography mode where we hope to improve on our collection of San Francisco photos.  The above photo was from last night at Pier 39 – we hope to hit this area hard over the next couple of days before moving on.

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  1. That is a cool angle Ron! I know this spot well as I used to work at the aquarium.

    P.S. it’s good to take a little vacation. 10 years is a long time w/o a break!

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  3. This is pretty awesome — you’ve crammed a handful of San Francisco icons into a single frame, and its gorgeous! I’ve been enjoying the photos you’ve been posting from this trip, its always fun to see how others create images in places that are right in my backyard (figuratively speaking).

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    @ Pat Thanks! I went to a fair amount of work to get the Coit and TRW towers in the photo – I’m glad you noticed!

    @ Richard I suppose that would get old.

  5. Great perspective and lighting. A very unique take on this area and well done including the Transamerica and the red lit Coit tower. Email me if you still have time to cross paths.

  6. Awesome photo! The lighting is great, especially the lit up Coit Tower. Are you going to any of the Giants’ playoff games while in SF?

  7. Great shot Ron – I second Pat’s comment that you managed to get quite a few icons into the frame. I’m glad you had some quality down time before getting back to business. Safe travels.

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