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  1. What a beautiful photo! You can almost imagine it blooming before your very eyes, the way you took the photograph. That’s really cool!! And what a beautiful color, kind of pinkish-melon.

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    Thanks Beth!

    This was during the very last light of the day – that warm light helped make the flowers really glow!

  3. Hey Ron great color shot very bright. If you are getting tired of color try youtubejakeboulden I was able to ride with him a couple of times over spring break.
    Keep on bloggin

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  6. Some good work here, simple but wonderful.Thank You . Keep it up.
    we are planing to go and see desert flowers possibly on April 19th. may be in San Diego. Anybody have suggestions?

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    Thanks Suj,

    When I left the San Diego area a couple of weeks ago, some of the areas were starting to fade – especially Anza-Borrego. You might try the higher elevations in some of the burn areas. The lower areas were sure amazing with poppies – maybe you can find areas still in bloom a little higher.

    Good luck,


  8. Hi Ron,

    What a great cactus, and flowering to boot. I’ve always had a thing for cacti – I think they are so beautiful. I even had books on cacti and succulents when I was like 10. What a strange kid.

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks man.

    I don’t think you were that strange – I used to grow cactus when I was like 10, so I can relate.


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