Pink-Flower Hedgehog Cactus

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Pink-Flower Hedgog Cactus, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pink-Flower Hedgehog Cactus, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale, Arizona.

During my photo workshops a few weeks ago I was reminded just how rich and colorful the desert looks during a rain storm.  So yesterday morning as I heard the rain pouring down – I couldn’t wait to get out with my camera.  I had my eye on a stunning Graham’s Nipple Cactus bloom that I spotted while running the day before, but evidently they don’t open on cloudy days.  So I had to “settle” for this Hedgehog cactus.

I find it fascinating that such a sharp, potentially painful plant can produce such a beautiful bloom!

Speaking of my workshop – as much fun as I had hosting them, I think the follow up emails and photo attachments from the participants may have been even more rewarding!

Most participants don’t have websites that I’m aware of, but a couple do and I would like to share them here.

First is Samatha – on this website of Samatha’s photos she writes about the workshop, some of the things we talked about and places we visited during the second weekend – it was a fun to relive the weekend through her images.

Greg Lato posted a couple photos of our group during the first weekend on his photo blog.  And be sure to check out his photo from Anza-Borrego.  It is fun to see the different interpretations of the the same area.

I have more photo tours coming up including one where we will be up close to grizzly bears all day!

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  2. I find it amazing that such delicate flowers can make it in the desert–the petals seem too thin and soft, especially on hot days. Thanks to Greg for sharing his photos–I enjoyed seeing another (very talented) take on Anza-Borrego too.

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  4. I think the Hedgehog is slowly becoming my favorite cactus in Anza Borrego.
    There were a number of them blooming in Indian Gorge yesterday.

    There were also numerous fields of desert Dandelions scattered throughout the southern areas.
    Good time to head out for those who haven’t made a Desert trip this year.


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