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Northern Lights over the Brooks Range, near Wiseman, Alaska.

Northern Lights over the Brooks Range, near Wiseman, Alaska.

Although my photo tours are full, I’m leading one for a friend which I think has the potential to be the best trip of the year – and surprisingly, it still has room!  This trip is timed to hit the amazing fall colors in the Brooks Range.  It will also place in in spectacular scenery in the heart of the aurora circle, which could provide us a dramatic northern lights show.  Plus, it places us in an Arctic village at the historic height of the whaling season, which not only brings in large numbers of polar bears, but may give us the opportunity to witness this culturally significant event.

Why am I working for Hugh Rose?  Well, not only is he a great friend for many years, but he has been organizing and leading polar bear tours in the Alaska Arctic for 15 years – longer than any other operator.  So he has all the contacts and knowledge to pull together the complicated logistics.

This trip is limited to just 5 guests.  We will be traveling in a very comfortable Sprinter van, so there is ample room for everyone.  The trip is all inclusive, including meals, lodging, transportation including flights to the village, and boat trips with a local guide once we are in the village.  Along with guiding and photography instruction.

The autumn colors, polar bears and auroras are definitely the highlights of this trip, but there is so much more.  We have an excellent chance of seeing other wildlife such as muskox, caribou and possibly arctic fox.  A wide variety of bird life is also a possibility this time of year as well, including snowy and short eared owls.


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