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  1. We took the wilderness tour through there. It was a great tour and a nice way to get oriented to the park, but once I experienced the area, I really wish we had much more time to soak it all in. I didn’t realize what Polychrome Pass was all about. My previous impression of Denali was the wide open meadows. This was completely different.

    Thanks for sharing your photographs of this wondrous park.

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    Thank Dennis – you must be excited!

    Thanks Omar. I agree, the tour is a nice way to get an overview, but nothing beats getting off the bus and taking in the area in peace and quite.

  3. I like this image a lot. I canoot pinpoint it, really, but when I looked at it, I just gasped. I think it might be a combination of colors of two layers of mpintains and the land in front of it, but I love also the rock (?) in the foreground, matching the rest perfectly.

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