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Fallen Redwood

Most people who view a mature forest full of big beautiful trees would mistakenly call it an old growth forest.  To be an old growth forest, some of the big beautiful trees need to start falling down due to natural causes.  The fallen trees can block streams creating valuable habitat for fish and other animals, and the decomposing tree offers the forest other benefits.  This is why old growth forest is so important.

I read up on this a few years ago while visiting the redwoods and was determined to photograph an example of an old growth forest.  While out hiking one day I found this scene which I thought did just that. I knew this wouldn’t be a calendar or travel image, but we work with a number of text book companies and I thought they could use it.  So what does this have to do with Popular Photography?

Well a few years have gone by since I captured this image, and frankly it has hardly sold.  A few weeks ago I got a call from Popular Photography.  It seems they were looking to do a story about landscape photographers and conservation, and found the above image on one of our marketing outlets and wanted to know if I had more on the subject of conservation.  Long story short, after putting together a viewing platform of images and participating in some interviews, I’m really excited to report that I will be featured in the June issue of Popular Photography!  I remember buying this magazine years ago, it has to be one of the largest publications dedicated to photography.  I am really honored to be featured!

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  2. I ordered Popular Photography over 1 month ago. You cashed my check, #5812, for a 2 year subscription a month ago.


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    I was featured in the magazine once over a year ago – That doesn’t give me any insight as to where you subscription is. I would contact Popular Photography directly.

    Good luck,

  4. hey Ron!
    i am doing a report on you for my photography class and i was wondering if you’d be up for an interview sometime soon. if you could contact me by e-mail at shebsheb92@yahoo.com, that would be great!

    Shelby W.

    p.s. i LOVE your photos! Maybe you could give me some tips sometime…

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  6. Seems that every redwood forest photo collection needs an image of a fallen tree.

    I’ve got on in my albums of a broken one, similar to yours, except that there are people in mine for size comparison. Those big redwoods can really splinter apart sometimes.

    MDV / Oregon

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