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Alberta Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Alberta Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

I haven’t mention it here before, but along with a handful of Alaska photo tours, I am now also offering private one-on-one workshops and tours.  With a private tour the instruction will be tailored specifically towards your needs and interests.  It can be anything from working on composition and exposures in the field, to using Photoshop in the office, or maybe a combination of topics.  I will travel anywhere for these workshops, they can be here in Seward, your town, or at a favorite destination.  Click on the link above for details.

I didn’t even think of promoting this option on my recent post of Christmas ideas for Photographers, but fortunately others are way ahead of me on that idea.  In just the last couple of days we have sold 5 days of private tours for next summer as Christmas gifts.  So if you still haven’t come up with that last minute gift…

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  3. When i think of polar bear photography, it reminds me of something i read in one of Galen’s books he wrote about going up to the Arctic with his son and they jumped off of a raft or whatever into this area that had some polar bears up close while the guide was protecting them with a shotgun. Seemed pretty crazy!

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  5. Sounds like a great idea. A photo tour in such sweeping country would make for a great and unique gift for anyone. I’d love to be able to photograph bear..cubs.

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