Female Cardinal Photo

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Cardinal Photo

This photo of a female Cardinal is from the Pond at Elephant Head in Amado, Arizona.  This place is great.  The Pond is owned and operated by Bill Forbes.  Bill is very nice and extremely accommodating to photographers.  The property consists of a small man made pond, along with numerous photo blinds.  There are some movable blinds along with two permanent blinds dug partially into the ground, making it very easy to shoot from ground level.  Bill has lots of different perches, stands etc.  If you rent a day here, you get the place all to yourself – I think that is a big plus.  But the best thing about the Pond, it has lots of wonderful birds! 

We will be here for another day and a half, I am really excited about this opportunity!  We are camping in his single campsite.  Bill also has a small cabin he rents out to photographers.  If you are serious about birds, this is a can’t miss location.  We look forward to returning in the spring when things are green – maybe next year.

I’m amazed to be posting this on a high speed conection despite our remote location – A big thumbs up to Verizon’s high speed cellular service, we have had high speed Internet most everywhere we have gone so far – but to have it here is a very pleasant surprise!

Note:  I originally called this a Pyrrhuloxia, but Janine pointed out it that is actually is a female Cardinal.

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