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Raccoon photo

Having spent most my life in Alaska, a place without Raccoons, I must admit I had never seen this common mammal.  I was very pleasantly surprised and excited to find a number of them at Santee Lakes.  They usually hung out on the different islands.  This one was high up in a palm tree in a spot I had noticed a fair amount of bird activity earlier in the week, I think he may be raiding a nest. 

While in Borrego I had another first time mammal sighting when I spotted my first Kit Fox.  It was in the dark early one morning on my way to shoot sunrise.  I saw another one in the exact same spot, while I was returning to camp after sunset.  I thought I might be on to something, and the next day spent the better part of a morning and evening hiking around the area, but was unable to spot these elusive animals, or even a den.  I did find a couple of coyotes.  I even saw a coyote at Santee Lakes.

We have moved down to the coast in Chula Vista and will be spending the week in this area doing mostly travel type photography.

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  1. Raccoons are vicious! I saw several in Port Angeles, Washington along the waterfront fighting each other with a loud squeling type of noise over pieces of bread that tourists were feeding them. They look cute until it comes to food.

    The “common” animal I have never seen is a bear. Don’t really want to either.

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