Rafting the Colorado River

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Rafting on the Colorado River, near Moab, Utah.

Rafting on the Colorado River, near Moab, Utah.

This looks fun!  While growing up in Alaska, I did a ton of rafting – I miss that.  We just found out that you can rent kayaks and rafts in Moab for not much money, at least compared to what rentals cost in Alaska.  I don’t know if we will have time, but it is tempting!

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    Thanks guys!

    Yeah Carl, the water if much warmer here! Still a bit chilly for swimming, but nothing like Alaska water.

  2. Looks like nice calm water — at this spot anyway. My rafting experience was on the Dinali. So glad the raft managed to stay upright. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that cold water for any amount of time!

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