Railroad, Moab, Utah

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A train leaving Moab, Utah.

A train leaving Moab, Utah.

Last year when we pulled into Moab I saw these tracks along this beautiful hillside and thought that would be a perfect setting for a train photo.  But, I only saw one or two trains during the couple weeks we were here, and was never in a position to get a photo.  This year I noticed a train leaves Moab about the same time everyday, making this photo much easier to obtain.  Evidently, the train is hauling uranium tailings from along the Colorado River to a more permanent site.  It is a Department of Energy project – not sure why our government is taking on this job and not the original mining companies – they probably took the money and ran.

We had a great sunset last night, but I just couldn’t seem to find the right position or  composition, so I came away with nothing.  I feel like a let one get away – great sunsets don’t happen that often around here.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    “train schmain” – they should just leave the trailings there .. dump ’em in the river where they can’t be seen and won’t get in anyone’s way. Did you suggest this?

    The lean on the cliffs almost makes this photo look like it needs a rotation.

    All that said – wow, there are some cool rock formations just in this scene alone – what a great place.

    j/k on the trailings, of course.



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    Hi Carl. You joke, but back in the days this area was mined, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those tailings didn’t end up in the river. It is a different (better) world today when it comes to that stuff. The angled cliffs has me all messed up as well – I figure as long as the train is level.

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  4. To learn more about the uranium tailing train and the dangers still abundant for the Colorado River and those of us who live downstream, please visit MoabRail.com. BTW, great shot of the “Train of Pain”, from above.


    Moab Jim

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