Railroad Tunnel Trail

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Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail leads to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Nevada.

Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail leads to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Nevada.

This is Janine riding the old railroad bed that now makes up the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail.  This is a cool trail, great for biking or walking.  It travels through 5 tunnels as is traverses its way above Lake Mead from the Visitor Center Parking lot to the Hoover Dam parking lot – about 7 miles in length if you do the round trip.  This railroad was built to assist with the construction of Hoover Dam.

For this photo, I switched to manual mode and exposed for the sunny areas outside the tunnel.  Otherwise the camera metering system would have a tough time accounting for the large dark areas.

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  2. Hey Ron,

    switched to manual mode”?

    You mean, you don’t shoot in manual mode all the time? tsk, tsk tsk tsk tsk .. and here I was thinking you were the man.

    Interesting photo .. the perspective is cool, it makes that tunnel look huge – either that or you’ve actually managed to get an infant on a tiny little mtn bike to model for you.



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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hi Carl,

    I probably do the majority of my photography in aperture priority, and then adjust my compensation from there. I find it faster then straight manual.

    They actually are really big tunnels – from what I read, they made them this tall so that to fit huge penstock sections and large equipment being transported to Hoover Dam.


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  5. The perspective of this photography is awesome! It does really look like there is a little child riding a bike in this massive tunnel. I also love the contrast between the tunnel itself and then the light area where the person on the bike is, it looks like they are about to ride into something mysterious.

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