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Janine at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Janine at Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

I was very surprised to see my name and blog  being mentioned by Amazon on Twitter last week, I clicked on the link and saw that for $1 per month, you can have my blog sent directly to your Kindle Wireless Reading Device – now that is pretty cool!  Check it out:   Photo blog – Niebrugge Images on Amazon

I then remembered submitting my blog to Amazon about a year ago and having to wait for approval.    If they emailed back, I missed it, and completely forgot about it.  I don’t remember the details, but I get some percentage of that dollar, probably not enough to retire on.  🙂  It wasn’t about the money, I viewed it as another nice new way to subscribe to the blog.

This summer we sat next to a nice lady on one of our flights who showed us her Kindle, those things are really cool – and very easy on the eyes, nothing like a computer screen  Now admittedly, my blog relies far more on colorful photos then words, and I don’t know how those will translate to the black and white screen.  But, they do offer a free 14 day trial so there is nothing to lose.  If you do get a Kindle for Christmas, check it out, and let me know how it works!

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  1. HI! I am catching up on all I have missed here:) Awesome photos..incredible as always! This image is reallt a wonderful much can be said for this image! Very surreal! You have a way of capturing these moments though without much added to the images;) Also, thank you for the info about Amazon;)

  2. I’m looking forward to color e-ink readers. We may see a resurgence in “magazines” at that point. No printing cost anymore – just server costs and transmission fees. Paid subscriptions without/with minimal ads or free subscriptions packed with ads. No need for a 6 month lead time for publishing, it may be more akin to a blog. I must admit that I rarely buy a magazine any more – I can get comparable quality and very up-to-date info by reading blogs – yours for one! Blogs may be one of the single greatest educational values for aspiring and developing photographers. The breadth of the topics covered is unrivaled and there are so many sources to cross-reference with a quick Google search.
    Apparently, one of my favorite magazines – Nat. Geo Adventure is shutting down. Very sad. The content and photography was always a great branch off from the full Nat. Geo magazine. Perhaps color e-ink readers will allow a comeback? Most writers and photogs have a hard time monetizing content published on a blog, so I’d prefer to get my content through an auto updating subscription on a color version of the B&N Nook or Amazon Kindle in the future. I’m happy to pay a reasonable rate for the quality – as well as help those talented people make a living.
    As an aside Ron, I love this image. Beautiful light and comp. Can I ask a technique question? Do you use digital grads or grad nd filters or a combination of the two? Thanks.

  3. Man that is an amazing image Ron. The clarity of this is awesome. The one time I went there, the whole lake was covered with ice so this definitely looks a lot different and better in my opinion.

  4. Post

    Thanks a lot everyone – this was definitely a very pretty morning. I me\et a local photographer who said the fog was very rare.

    @ Dave Thanks for the great comment – so much to respond to!

    I was really bummed to hear of NG Adventure’s demise, they produced a great product, and were a great customer. Just received an email from the photo editor. Her and her staff have been laid-off – nice, just before Christmas.

    I think you are right, and the future of magazines will be on these readers. I hear (not surprisingly) that Apple may be releasing a color version very soon. Now that would be cool. Like you, I wouldn’t have a problem paying a $1 per month for a good blog.

    To answer your question, I do both – but more and more I’m doing digital blends of two or more images in PS. For this image, I bracketed, and also shot one with a grad nd filter – it is nice to have all the options. If was can, we use the grad version.

    Janine adjusted this picture and used the grad nd filter version. Had I adjusted it, I probably would have used a blend. The cloud in the reflection is a tad bright, and the lower right corner is a bit dark. Although I don’t think having detail in that corner makes it any better, and may even hurt this image.

    Thanks again.

  5. Beautiful! I know I’ve never seen fog on the surface of Bear Lake before but figured it was just because I don’t get up there early enough in the morning. Guess lake fog like frost is not a regular occurance in Rocky. So glad you grabbed this image to share!

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  7. Hey Ron,

    Interesting discussion on the magazine Vs blog thing – Ironic that magazines, traditional customers for photographers, might suffer from so many photographers having their own websites and blogs, etc posted online for free, in turn making it harder for photographers to sell their images.



  8. Ron, does Amazon give you stats on how many subscribers? As I understand it the Kindle doesn’t display images. No slam against your writing, but without the photos…. 🙂

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    It does show how many subscribers – it stood at 0 last time I looked.

    Did realize photos didn’t displayed. No slam taken, without photos, this blogs doesn’t have much to offer.

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