Red Aspen

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Red Aspen during a snow storm, Monarch Pass, Colorado.

Red Aspen during a snow storm, Monarch Pass, Colorado.

I  love finding the occasional patch of red aspen – they really stand out in the sea of yellow.

When we passed through Monarch Pass a couple of days ago the colors were amazing.  We went back yesterday  to find most of them had past, I’m sure thanks to the stormy weather.  Lots of areas around here are still green, and the stormy weather didn’t hurt those trees, so I think there will be lots of fall to come!

Here are many more fall photos of Colorado.

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  1. Hi Ron…sweet pics. I follow your from Southern Colorado. I am just 1 hour south of you in the San Luis Valley. If you have time, I wanted to suggest visiting the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park while in Gunnison…you will not regret it. If you have even more time, come south my way and visit Great Sand Dunes National Park…again, a very unique photo experience. Have a great time in Colorado!!!

  2. Top of the Day Ron – I can support Sean’s recommendations for Black Canyon and for the Sand Dunes. Would suggest getting to the Sand Dunes via Lake City and Colorado 149 over Slumgullion and Spring Creek Passes (all paved road) to Creede and on out into the SLV. A short side trip before Creede will take you as close to the headwaters of the Rio Grande River as you can get driving…and hiking. Old mine structures in combination with fall colors around Creede could provide great photo opportunities.

    The same train group that ranked the Anchorage to Seward train trip 3rd best in the world ranked the Antonito to Chama, New Mexico train trip 4th best. Antonito is on the south side of the SLV. The road parallels much of the train route and the fall colors along the route are normally amazing. Photo opportunities are many in this part of northern New Mexico (Taos/Santa Fe) – southern Colorado.

    If not this trip then maybe next…



    ps: your photos are making me a little homesick.

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    Wow, thanks a lot for all the great advice! I know it is right on the money, as I just got in the door from Black Canyon and loved it! It will probably be my post tomorrow. I hadn’t considered Sand Dunes, but am getting the maps out, that maybe a great option.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it!


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