Red Fox

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Red Fox

Red Fox, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Janine says fox are “my animal” because I always seem to see them.  I do have unusually good success with spotting these cool guys.  If you are going to play favorites, fox seem like as good of an animal as any because they really are beautiful animals that are fun to watch. 

This guy was working the road, I assume, looking for road kill hares.  Just as he began to pass me, he stoppped ever so briefly and looked my way, just long enough to capture this image. 

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  1. This a great Image
    I have added another picture or to Flicker, You can find me under dennisjbarton or Dennis Barton

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    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I looked at your images – looks like you have visited many of my favorite locations! Nice!

  3. This fox looks like he’s about ready to play ball with you. At least this is how my girlfriend’s Golden looks when he wants to play. Great image, again, Ron!

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    Thanks Laurent!

    I agree – his reaction wasn’t quite normal – it made me wonder if someone hadn’t feed him, which would be a real shame heading into winter.

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  6. When I pulled up your blog and saw the fox image, I thought to myself “self, God! Ron is always getting the amazing fox images. He must be at one with them on some level.” Then I read Janine’s take, so appropriate. This is great, love the eyes – so curious.

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  8. Ron, please tell me his name is not Timmy the Fox!!! Just kidding. I felt kinda bad for Treadwell, actually. He was obviously ill! I just hate that the girl went with him. That’s an excellent facial shot, though.

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    Hi Beth – I agree, I hate for that girl as well!

    Hey Dave – actually the colors are looking really nice down this way right now. We went to Girdwood and back yesterday to visit family, and it was beautiful the whole way, and it is nice any sunny!

  10. Hello

    We are a small non-profit organization in the city of Tønsberg in Norway that would like to use your picture of the red fox above for the programme of one of our concerts this autumn. The title of the concert is “Nature and classical music”.

    Do you have a high-resolution version of the image, and what would you charge for this use?

    Petter Andersen

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