Red Mountain Photos

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Red Mountain Photos

Red Mountain is a prominent landmark East of Phoenix, near Mesa, Arizona.  Locals talk about how it almost glows red at sunset, and I would have to agree.  The top photo was taken right at sunset, the below photo was shot just a half hour earlier.  It is surprising what a difference a half hour makes – warm light on red rock is a killer combo!

We are finally leaving Arizona today and heading to Nevada.  It has been a great stay here, and we should be able to fill a giant void in our galleries of Arizona Photos with our coverage of the Phoenix area. 

Red Mountain

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  1. This is an awsome sight. I needed some of this information for my project! Thanks so very much!!!!!!!!

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  3. I am interested in purchasing a picture of Red Mountain at sunset from your for my father for Christmas. I was unable to find it in your pictures for sale. Can you give me some pricing information, if it is for sale? Thanks

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