Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

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Joshua Trees in Red Rock Canyon, near Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joshua Trees in Red Rock Canyon, near Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are two wonderful, relatively unknown areas near Las Vegas.  Valley of the Fire is one of them, and the other is Red Rock Canyon.  Red Rock Canyon is only a half an hour from the Strip, and has wonderful hiking trails and scenery!  This is a place that is only about a half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip!

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  2. Been there, done that and LOVE both those places. Thanks for all the great pics. I simply MUST kayak that black canyon next time down there. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Looks like a great place Ron. Depending on how my home buying situation works out, I might try to sneak off to Valley of Fire for a few days this winter.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Yes, kayaking, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon are must see places near Las Vegas in my opinion!

    Thanks again!

  5. Red Rock is a great escape from the busy of Vegas. Nice shot Ron. Last time I was there it snowed in the morning – made for some nice images of the white snow and the red of the rocks.

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  7. Nice, one of the very best shots I have need of RRC. I have to especially applaud the nice Joshua Trees. Many areas out there those are gone because of fire…

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