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Moab area waterfall

Moab area waterfall

While we were driving around scouting today, I saw what appeared to be waterfall in the desert, coming out of the hills way across the valley. I pulled over and got out the binoculars – sure enough, it was a waterfall! What a treat!

I understand this is somewhat man made thanks to the diversion of a portion of a creek higher in the mountains, but it is still a really cool sight. I’m not sure if it always flows like this, or if this is due to the rains from the weekend.

Here are more Moab pictures.

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    Hi Bjorn,

    That’s it, Faux Falls. I remember seeing the sign – I usually grab a photo of the sign so that I can remember for later, but didn’t this time.



  3. My wife and I just returned to our RV in Moab from a day trip to Ooowah Lake and happened by Faux Falls, had to drive up just to see if it was real and if so to find out why they named it that. We would not have bothered taking our own pictures if we knew yours were so much better.

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