Red Salmon

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A above and below water photo of Red Salmon, Chugach National Forest, near Seward, Aalska.

An above and below water photo of Red Salmon, Chugach National Forest, near Seward, Alaska.

I got out my remote setup for above / below water photos yesterday, it is pretty fun to play with!  I have never used this setup in swift moving water like this – it offers some new challenges.

For one, the water level moves up and down in the frame from photo to photo – in still water it is easy to have the surface bisect the middle of the frame.  In addition, the water surface itself also seem much thicker then on flat water.  What happen is sometimes the fish or the trees get hidden by the water surface if that makes any sense.  Finally, the fish and light rain kept getting the glass wet as you can see by the blurred areas in the top half of this image – I think I have a solution for this.  But, when it does work, I think the results are pretty cool!

I hope to spend a few more days working this location – now if I could only have a bear here like there was last year!

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  1. What does this remote set-up look like? Are you immersed in the water of seeing the view finder remotely? This is a very interesting shot. I like it a lot.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I will have to do a post with photos on my setup.

    I can’t see through the viewfinder, although I think with my new camera I could hook up a laptop to it and review images as they are captured – that would be cool. I set it up in the stream, and fire it from a distance away with a Pocket Wizard. This helps let the fish move in very closely as they don’t seem to fear the box like they do a person.

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    Dennis – missed your question. I don’t use a polaizer, but I have a specially designed tank made of glass an aluminum that sits in the stream.

  4. Amazing, you have been perfecting this for so many years I think someday you will get exactly what you want. All the photos have been wonderful.

  5. That is an interesting observation Ron about the water obscuring the fish. I had read somewhere that underwater photography requires much wider lenses than one would think to use on land. Not sure why that is but you did a great job.

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    Thanks Mom!

    Thanks Richard – that does seem to be true, this was captured at 17mm on a full-frame camera. Maybe because the water is so dark, it is easier to go wide since you can’t see very far into the water. I also think those big round domes help with split levels shots as well – my tank just has flat glass.

  7. Ron –

    Cool photo and I was wondering if any of the jumping smolt photos turned out? Hope to see you again soon at the Bear Creek Weir and keep up the good work!!!


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    Thanks Mark,

    The one image with a smolt totally airborne was also the only image where the flash didn’t fire – go figure!

    I did get some better images in the stream that I should post next week. Probably will see you soon!


  9. I like it. If you can get the blurred water out of the way in the upper portion of the frame I think you’ll have a great photo. To be honest I bet most people wouldn’t even notice or care about the water blurring the top portion of the image. I get too caught up in a photographer frame of mind and often don’t let such little things go. If you asked a non-photographer if they noticed anything out of the ordinary I bet most wouldn’t see anything.

  10. I have had the chance to visit a few overseas countries. Working as a photographers here in Singapore, and it being much a build up city, we seldom have such good photography opportunity. The services here are usually focused on Commerical and Industrial projects. Thanks for sharing your photos. I really enjoyed looking at them. Cheers.

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    Thanks Noella!

    Hi Singapore Photographers. Thanks for the kind words!

    Hi Jim, I agree, most viewers probably wouldn’t notice the blur. I’m going to try a bit more RainX to see if that helps. The salmon are constantly splashing water on the glass with their tails! I need a window wiper. Thanks.

  12. Ron, RainX was going to be my suggestion – but I see you already thought of it. I am curious about the setup you got – is it just a Ewa-Marine bag or an actual housing?

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    It is a more of a aluminum box glass on one side and 3 adjustable legs. I don’t seem to have a good photo of it – hopefully I will have one soon and can do a post about it. Thanks!

  14. Top of the Morning Ron,

    If you have an iphone or ipod touch and haven’t done so already, scope out –

    Looks like Live View screen will display on your iphone/touch.

    I procrastinated. The price has jumped by a factor of 10 since I first visited the site. Still probably not unreasonable.



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    Wow – thanks Warren, what a great feature! I don’t have a iphone or touch, but they might make it worthwhile.

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