Resurrection Bay Morning

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Boating on Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

Boating on Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

We aren’t in the desert any more!  Snow off and on this week has made that clear.

This was a boat passing by the home / office this morning.  The light here was a bit flat, but moments later, it turned dramatic – fresh snow, great light, no wind it was a beautiful morning!

I thought perfect conditions for an animal – landscape – snow – mountain combination.  I drove around trying to find a moose to no avail – I usually  can always find a moose!  Next, tried to find the swans I spotted yesterday, no luck.  A close eagle, nope.  I could have taken advantage of the light and gone for the straight landscape, but at times I would rather go for the great shot and come away with nothing, then capture the sure thing, but lesser image.   That is especially true when photographing a place where I already have a lot of coverage.

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  1. Sorry you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for but this is a great image. Glad you’re home safe and sound.

  2. glad you’re back! moose have been few and far between this winter ……. not enough snow and too warm!

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