Resurrection Bay Sunset

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Resurrection Bay at sunset, Seward, Alaska.

Resurrection Bay at sunset, Seward, Alaska.

Today on the photo blog – a recent sunset along Resurrection Bay.

Official sunset in Seward right now is about 11:00 p.m.  Because the sun sets at a gradual angle in relationship to the horizon – we maintain twilight light much longer then places further south.  Combine that with a sunrise a little before 5:00, and you can see it really doesn’t get totally dark here right now – and it isn’t even June – the days are still getting longer!

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  1. Hey Ron

    Enjoy it while you can .. less than a month from now and the days start getting shorter. Winter’s right around the corner. 🙂

    Nice photo.



  2. Top of the Day Ron,

    What is the time of the shot? At first glance, the photo looked closer to sunrise shot than sunset to me. Then I reasoned the photo was sunset because you were facing southeast and the sun was probably setting over your left shoulder to the northwest. There may have been a very similar shot possibility at sunrise?



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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    Carl, don’t say that – look at the positive. 🙂

    @ Warren This was at sunset, I think close to 11:00. It is hard to get the same image at sunrise because the sun rises straight behind Mt. Alice this time of year, so the sun is pretty high before it appears. The evening is nice this time of year as it set down the Resurrection Valley.

  4. The image above is very interesting and attractive as the orange light kisses the top of the mountains. Very good color composition and framing. The shadows of the woods create a very dramatic illusion within the image. Thanks for the photo. 🙂

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    Thanks Frank.

    Thanks Dennis – I hope you had a great trip! Let me know when you post some photos.

    Thanks Samanta for the wonderful description!

  6. Gorgeous shot! Love that tip of light at the top of the peaks, and the old pier pilings make for a really interesting foreground.

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    Thanks Anthony. I don’t think you will find a snowy peak lined fjord anywhere near Los Angeles, but you might find some old piling.

  9. Hi.
    I’m new to your blog, and I must say that I’m glad I came across it. 🙂

    What a beautiful photo! I love the calm feel to it. The scenery looks just like the northern parts of my country, Norway. 🙂

    What is the white at the foot of the mountain?

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    Thanks a lot Renate! I have heard the same thing – that the area around here looks very similar to Norway. Makes sense, we are both known for our fjords. I would love to visit Norway one day!

  11. Not only fjords but mountains, as well. 🙂 There’s plenty to photograph here, so you should absolutely come here one day. If you do, feel free to contact me for insider’s tips. 🙂

    There’s a TV-show going on now, where a cruise ship goes all the way up the coast, with cameras on 24h a day, for 5,5 days – the longest TV-show in history. Pretty amazing to see the diversity in nature. 🙂

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