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  1. Love the lighting on this. Does the sun really set that early? I’d love to experience that some time.

  2. Beautiful shot. Look at the bright side of those early sunsets (ours are about 4pm) – they are easy to catch and you still can be home for supper! 😉

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  4. Wow – I’m jealous! It think it’s rained less than an inch here in the last 6-9 months…and I think I’ll still be wearing shorts at Christmas… : (

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  6. Beautiful effects of light and colour! This photo appeals to me and cools me down too as we’re into Summer heat with another 6 months or so of summer weather to go…

    Best wishes,
    (Perth, Western Australia)

  7. Fantastic colors! More of Uncle Wiggly’s sky blue pink. Are those clouds or snow blowing on top of the mountain?

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    Thanks Noella – enjoy your summer!

    Hi Joni, Good question. It could be blowing snow, but it was calm – this was cloud cover. Thanks,


  9. I think I’m jealous of your weather a bit too Ron – I like cold and snowy with mountains. I live 30 min south of Antelope Valley and it’s way too hot (and brown) here. The saving grace is that Yosemite and Sequoia aren’t too far away…

    John E.

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  12. Hopefully the Poppy Preserve is getting some, it’s been a sad sight the last two years. I’ll be watching and let you know how it’s shaping up. We need a lot of make-up rain…

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