River Otter

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River Otter

Northern River Otter from yesterday.

It has been very cold and windy in Seward so far this winter.  Yesterday was a beauty; sun, no wind and a high in the 20’s.  I went out with my camera and found three very entertaining River Otters.  These animals have more fun then most.  They were pulling small Starry Flounders out of this hole in the ice and playing with and then eating them.  There must have been a lot of fish down there because it didn’t take the river otters long to catch something.  A very enjoyable day for me.

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  1. I really love this picture of the otter. In my tribe we have clans that represent groups of Seminoles. It so happens that my clan is otter. We have 8 clans, I believe. Bear, Deer, Wind, Snake, Otter, Big Town, Bird, and Panther are the clans. This is a beautiful picture I think it captures the side that people don’t get to see.

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