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  1. Hi Ron and Janine,

    Looks like you are having another fine adventure.
    Great shots as always!
    I’m starting to think my odds of catching up with you two is better if I hang out in Nevada or California, rather then Alaska!
    I’m still settling in at my new place, and not shooting nearly enough, but it has been worth it. While looking at your photos I looked out my office window as 15 trumpeter swans flew over Pioneer Peak.
    I hope we can catch up soon. It has been too long.
    Have a great trip,


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    Hey Calvin,

    Great to hear from you!

    My folks had 15 swans at there house the other day – maybe the same ones?

    We do need to get caught up, I would really like to see your new location. We are home for 3 months after this trip, so I’m would think we would get up that way at some point.

    Have you had much luck with northern lights this fall?



  3. Hey Calvin

    I don’t think Ron and Janine actually LIVE in Alaska .. they have their mail sent here is all.

    Nice shot Ron .. the angle is really weird, it looks so titled, but the road shows it’s not.

    Enjoy your trip, and tell Janine I said it’s time for to write something again. 🙂



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    Thanks Carl,

    Yeah, everything is tilted, slanted, up-lifted and going just about every which way in this park – probably a good thing the road is in the scene.

    I will bug Janine about a blog – it has been a couple of months, I think she is due!


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