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Rock Art, Moab, Utah.

Rock Art, Moab, Utah.

There is an amazing variety of Native American Rock Art in the Moab, Utah area – some of it is really fascinating. You could spend an entire visit just checking out rock art locations.

I’m trying to use my down time in Vegas to caption and edit images – it is cheaper then the alternative activities. 🙂

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  1. Nice capture and you are right, it’s amazing to see all the details that have been carved on stone with limited access to tools. The first and only time I saw such things was along the Colorado River, during my soft-water rafting starting from Glenn Canyon Dam in Page, AZ.

    My raft-guide was an ex-ranger, and he explained what they meant, etc. Wish I had more time to spend and check out these in more detail 🙂

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    That is a great question Beth – on these, I’m not sure exactly, but it was a long time ago. I will look it up when I get back to Alaska.



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