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Bull Elk at sunset, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Bull Elk at sunset, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

We finally made it into Rocky Mountain National Park last night – this place is great!  We arrived just in time to enjoy this wonderful sunset.  I had no idea there is so much elk activity here – this is as good as Jasper/Banff or Yellowstone, two areas I love.  My time spent with elk in those National Parks really helped me anticipate this guys movement so that I could be in the right spot in case there was a sunset – it sure all came together!  I also have some sunset photos with the whole harem of elk.

It is going to be nice to be in one place for a week or so.  We have only driven the first few miles of the Park road – I’m really looking forward to driving and hiking more of the park.

This was captured with my 24-105 at 58mm along with a 3 stop hard edged graduated neutral density filter.

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  1. Beautiful image, Ron. Great light!

    Be sure to check out Erik Stenland’s RMNP Images Gallery in Estes Park. He’s got many wonderful prints. And photographically speaking, he knows the national park better than anyone.

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    Thanks a lot everyone! Gosh, those are nice comments from a great group of photographers!

    Thanks Scott – I have been by Eric’s website a on a few different occasions, and look forward to seeing his gallery.

  3. Hey Ron,

    They don’t REALLY have that kind of light down there, do they?

    Love the image man .. travel safe, and good luck with more images like this one.



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  7. You can almost always find elk at the Estes Park Golf course, turn off of 34 unto Fish Rd I believe its called.

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