Rocky Mountain National Park Sunrise

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Sunrise, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Sunrise, Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

We are done converting and adjusting our photos from our end of summer and fall travels, and we should be updating our website soon, including a new section on Colorado.  Until then, I thought I would share a few more photos from that trip.

Sharp eyed viewers might spot the bull elk.

I promised to start adding the settings for each photo, and then proceeded to forget on the very next post.  This was 6 seconds at f/18 and iso 100.  I don’t remember, but I’m guessing I used a two stop soft edge graduated neutral density filter.

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    Thanks Adrian,

    What a great place to fish and watch wildlife! All the wildlife there is amazing. I envy the owners of the log cabins that run along this meadow – they must be private in-holdings.

  2. Really beautiful shot of this meadow! I spent some time in RMNP back in the summer of 2004 and the wildlife was truly spectacular, as you mentioned. I also loved driving the skyline highway through the tundra — a fascinating ecosystem for sure.

  3. Beautiful. You can almost smell the meadow grasses. If it isn’t asknig too much it would be great to know which lenses were used for your images.

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    @ Pat – Yeah that skyline drive and tundra region is very beautiful – reminded me a lot of Alaska.

    @ Dennis – Thanks!

    @ Ray Yes, I guess I left out a pretty big detail! This was with a 24-105 @ 45 on a full frame body – the Canon 1Ds III. A number of people have asked for that information – I will try to remember to add it to my posts.

  5. I think Gina and I camped near there. Is that by the Grand Lake park entrance? We had elk and deer in our campsite.

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    @ Richard You know it was just about the perfect time. Some of the best colors were forming as we left, so we might have been a tad early for those. Yes the high altitude road was still open. The nice thing about the blog as now I can look back and remind myself of the dates.

    @ Steve Hey Steve. There is a campground right by the spot, but it was near the Estes Park entrance, on the other side (East) of the Rockies from Grand Lake. That must of been a fun trip!

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    Thanks Bill! Not only is it one of the best areas in RMNP, but maybe in all of North America. It certainly is every bit as productive as Jasper or Yellowstone, and that is saying something!

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