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I am the “behind the scene” part of the business and I like it that way.  People always ask if I photograph as well.  I am quick to answer, maybe too quick, No.  I have no interest in photography whatsoever.  I don’t even know how to use Ron’s camera’s!  But I enjoy the process of photography.  Being out in the field and experiencing nature first hand.  I love when we explore the backcountry hiking, boating, kayaking and camping.  I enjoy identifying the plants, flowers, birds and wildlife.  I am technically Ron’s “assistant” when we are in the field.  But I often forget those duties and fall short of being the ideal assistant.  But I think I make a great companion :)!

For me I enjoy the business side of photography.  Designing and keeping up the website, sales and marketing.  These are challenges I enjoy.

I to am creative but in a different vein.  I enjoy working with glass and have a small stained glass work area that I putter around in.  I also enjoy writing in my free time … LOL!  My goal is to spend more time exploring my writing in the months to come. 

I hope to contribute a “non-photographer’s” perspective to our travels in this blog. 

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