Saguaro Lake

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Saguaro Lake

Saguaro Lake, Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

Always seems strange to see lakes in such a dry environment.

The normal high here this time of year is 77 degrees – this week it has been pushing records highs, with temperatures in the upper 80’s.  Unfortunately it is really cooking the wildflowers.  I have been concentrating entirely on scenics with flowers – the travel, city, recreation and wildlife stuff can wait until the wildflowers are gone, which may not be long.

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  1. “OH MAN” Is exactly what came out of my mouth when I saw this shot. It’s beautiful! The textures of the cactus and shrubs along with and the rocks of the mountains add so much. The lake just makes it all work. Really nice! Thanks for starting my day out in a good way…

  2. very pretty. looks so relaxing and peaceful. how well you captured the scenery and the lighting, there’s just perfect blending of colors, of lights, of subjects. strangely, the big saguaro cacti and the lake seem not to contrast but blend into this really mesmerizing picture. thank you again for all these sharing.

  3. really spectacular scene Ron. I agree about saving the travel stuff for 2nd priority, it is for me anyway. 🙂 the lake is a reservoir right? I thought Arizona didn’t have natural lakes.

  4. Wow! This picture is perfect.. the lighting is fantastic ^_^
    I was just in Arizona last week, and was staying in Phoenix.. one of the days we went up into the Superstition Mountains saw sights just like this. Canyon Lake was very scenic, however, we didn’t go to Saguaro Lake…hopefully we’ll go there next time. It was blazing hot also, being just under 90 degrees every day…quite surprising for March if you ask me.

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    Thank you very much for the nice comments!

    Richard, this is a man made lake. I didn’t realize Arizona didn’t have any natural lakes, but I’m not surprised.

    It is warm here right now Scotty – especially for an Alaskan! I need to get out to the Superstition Mountains.


  6. Hey Ron,

    What’s that down in the lower right corner of the lake?

    Great blend of tones in the photo.



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    Hi Saad,

    Great to hear from someone from Kuwait – thanks!

    Hey Carl,

    Thanks man. What you are seeing is a buoy, there is a little boat harbor off to the right.


  8. Hey Ron,

    Cool – I’m glad it wasn’t Janine, always trying to pop up in your photos. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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    Hi Carl,

    Yeah, she wasn’t with me that night, otherwise she probably would be out there swimming to the buoy or something!


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