Sailing in Seward

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Sailing under the full moon, Seward, Alaska.

Sailing under the full moon, Seward, Alaska.

I think some of the details are lost in the small size of of this photo.  From my angle, it appeared that the sea otter was kicking back and basking in the moon light, as it listened to the guy on the sail boat play guitar on a beautiful evening.  This was during the full moon this past August 23, at the beginning of what has become an incredible stretch of weather!

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  2. This is PURE MAGIC, Ron! I so love sea otters! How amazing to capture all you did in this marvellous photograph!

    Best wishes from Perth, Western Australia.


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  4. I think you are right, this image craves to be at least 20×30 and what a print it would be! The otter would be a great visual surprise but the blues are magnificant too.

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  6. This composition is beautiful! There is just enough light provided by the moon that shows the details of the boat and and you can actually see the people that are sailing on the boat. Also, the mountains show the great proportion of the boat to the mountains.

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