Salt River

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Salt-River, Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

Salt-River, Tonto National Forest, Arizona.

The Salt River is a popular tubing location during the summer.  Looks fun!  And, I bet much warmer then the Gulkana River in Alaska – a place my friends and I would go tubing on warm summers.

One of the drawbacks with shooting a lot of 3D video on this trip is that I haven’t had as many still photos as I normally would for my blog.   So recently, I have made more of an effort to grab more stills while out shooting 3D – this is one.  For 3D, I like to find scenes like this with many layers to it.  Unfortunately, I won’t know what really if it “works” until I get home – I’m looking forward to processing the video from this trip.

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  1. I can tell you from experience, it is! Thanks for taking me back there. It’s a beautiful area and you captured it really well.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I bet you spent your share of time there Mike!

    Hey Richard. Thanks! I usually do around 10 second clips. Seems to be the length at the stock agencies. For time-lapse, I make sure they come out about the same.

    @ Portrait Painting – so true!

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  4. looking to photograph a nice car with tasteful images of a woman would salt river be perfect ?

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