San Diego Skyline Panoramic

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San Diego Skyline Panoramic

The Borrego photo I posted a couple of days ago was the second best sunrise from our recent trip- this morning in San Diego was definitely the best!

The most dramatic portion of the sunrise was to the right of this scene, and at the time I was disappointed I couldn’t position the dramatic sunrise behind the city.  In hindsight, I think it worked out just fine.  The sunrise light from outside of the scene bathed the buildings in a beautiful warm glowing light. 

Here is a much larger version with the ends cropped of the San Diego Skyline.  This panoramic was created with 5 seperate images combined later.

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  1. I don’t know why photographers are so fascinated with skylines haha. Just kidding. This is awesome!! Definetely one of the best skyline panos I have ever seen. Was this view from Point Loma?

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    That’s funny Richard!

    I had intended to shoot this morning from Point Loma. I misjudged the time to drive there so so changed plans at the last minute – this was from Coronado.

  3. Nice. I have never been to Coronado, though it sounds intriguing. I may have to do something about that. Looking at it again, it looks as almost as if a sunset would look similar, though the dark water kind of gives it away.

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  5. Your work is amazing, Ron (not just this particular one, indeed). I think the fact you actually didn’t get the sun right on the picture makes it more appealing and less kitsch.

  6. Okay, where are all the cranes and I don’t mean birds. Methinks I spent a cloning brush. haha.
    Superlative sunrise and the low perspective is right on. Thank you.

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    Hi Gary,

    Those cranes are frustrating, but they are there – you can see them on larger prints, but fortunately this angle hid most of them, at least when this was captured.



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