San Francisco Commuter

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A San Francisco Commuter

Walking to work, San Francisco, California.

We, well mainly Janine, have been working really hard on our images from our Fall trip – we hope to have updates on our website soon.  This was one of Janine’s favorites from our time in San Francisco – even though I kinda like it, I thought it was an interesting choice and decided I would post it here to see what others thought.  She appears to be carrying some kind of display rack, maybe something she needs for work?

I plan to share a few more photos from our fall trip over the next few days and we should have an update to our section of San Francisco photos soon.

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  1. Looks like she’s carrying some kind of cupcake/dessert display.
    I’ve always liked nature pictures more than people pictures, but this one is indeed really nice. I think a lot has to do with the lighting.

    Well done!

  2. I really like the sharp sihlouette of the city-dweller against the distant background, but I’m not a big fan of the multitude of wires. I recognize it’s the urban setting, but would be great without them.

  3. I think it’s a great idea but a bit too jumbled with the background positioning. Maybe if you had been more to the left you could have gotten here w/o the bridge spire right behind her which would have made it cleaner.

  4. Ron and Janine I think you have a great photo. It tells a story. I’m sure the story is considerably different for everyone who views the photo. My story has changed considerably since first viewing.

    First cut after reading your introduction was my typical big city, “upwardly mobile” commuter vision. Isn’t that who would wear that kind of hat over a pony-tail? But wait, from the light I’m now guessing the “upwardly mobile” were just getting out of the shower or climbing on the BART when the photo was taken. Hmm… being up and out that early I now think she lives within walking distance of the photo and of work, and she may have her makeup stuff and/or work smock in the shoulder bag. She may have baking to do to load the new rack she is carrying. I think the rack is new because the price tag is still attached. And she probably picked it up on her way home the night before because the store is not open this early in the morning. She may be the business owner because who else would be out this early in the morning carrying a new rack in one hand and a laptop in the other? I’m still trying to come up with the story line for why she is wearing sandals or Crocs (although the toes don’t look thick enough for Crocs)…

  5. Post

    Thanks a lot for the comments!

    I agree with the lines – they bug me as well. Sometimes I think they are OK – add to the story, you know, the chaos of the city, but I think it would be better without.

    Great commentary Warren! I have wondered about many of the same things. I figured she lived within walking distance of work, but she could have hopped off some mass transit option. The store owner, that makes sense – I like that take. The sandals – it was extremely warm – I think record highs for San Francisco – I was already in shorts. Maybe her home or her shop didn’t have air conditioning? Maybe it was an excuse to finally wear her favorite sandals? The heat might explain the pony tail as well. Fun to wonder.

    Thanks again everyone!

  6. I like this picture also. I’m curious, how many shots of this did you shoot? Well, if a 1/2 step sooner or later the cake? rack wouldn’t be as visible, and I think it makes a better story to show it. It works for me to see she is a commuter, walking on the commuter tracks, and also with the SF? bridge in the background. Also, all of the wires and things, for me make it sort of a guy picture, but with the lady walking in front of it all…makes it a girly picture for me, maybe that’s why Janine likes it also?

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    I like the mid-stride, but agree, it would be great if she was positioned a few feet back in the frame. I believe this is the only image I captured of her – I was actually set up waiting for the cable car – Janine was just out of the frame to the right watching for one.


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