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  1. Hey Ron,

    You really get “in your face” with the flowers man, I like that. It’s almost more a portrait of the flowers than a “landscape” shot. Cool stuff, boss.



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    Hi Carl,

    Thanks a lot bud! Yeah I have been in an in your face with the wildflowers phase. I’m really liking my tilt / shift lens – you can get so close and yet have the distant landscape in focus.



  3. cool landscape Ron. You ever taken the Aerial Tramway? My mom went up there two weeks ago and it was blowing snow everywhere. she said it was cool.

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    We did take the tram a year or two ago – it was pretty cool. 80 degrees in the valley, snow at the top! You can get inexpensive aerials of the valley as a bonus.

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  6. Ron – I wish you would quit talking about that tilt-shift. My camera bag is already overstuffed. Great shot.

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