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New in June, 2010, the San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California.

New in June, 2010, the San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California.

Sorry Palm Springs, but I think I have a new favorite airport!  Easy access, quick parking, no lines, bright ceilings of glass, wide walkways, free wifi and even a wine bar!  Heck I don’t even drink wine, but it seems like a nice touch.  This airport was completely re-done and opened in June this year, and it is very nice. And, if all that wasn’t enough, check out the seats below – not only do they have power for your laptop, but a USB power plug for your phone, Ipod or whatever.  No more sitting on the floor in some obscure corner because you were able to find a power outlet!

Seats in the waiting area of San Jose Airport.

Seats in the waiting area of San Jose Airport.

As a side note, I should mention that I was unable to find this airport on my GPS unit.  Turns out the actual name is Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport.  Who knew.

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    Thanks Richard. I agree, Sea-Tac is nice and does have great food. I don’t know if the lines through TSA or the access is nearly as painless as SJ or PS

  2. Since having a pacemaker installed in April of this year I like the places like SLC, that have a full body scan. In SLC, once we got to the scanning part, it look me 3 sec to be scanned and done. In-Anchorage I had to have a patdown search while my son & daughter inlaw sat & waited-seemed like it took 5-10 minutes and the lines were terrible. Some people don’t like the full body scans, but I didn’t mind because it was fast. This is a nice Airport, I didn’t know they had one.

  3. Vancouver has got to be the worst I’ve been to with all those long lines of U.S. tourists at customs. I’ve only been to LAX once though so I consider myself fortunate.

    Salt Lake City has a lot of nature photo prints hanging on the walls so I like that airport too.

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    A wine bar for an airport is pretty nice!

    @ Richard Yes, Vancouver and LAX are tough ones!

    @ Dennis San Jose had the body scanner as well, but I didn’t see anyone get selected. Too bad you had such a bad experience at the Anchorage Airport – I have never been searched there.

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  6. A big improvement! Hope the seats spread through airports like the ones originally designed by Aero Saarenen (spelling?) for Dulles have. Those may be prettier, but these have it all — except the ability to sprawl across them to catch a nap. Or do those arms push up?

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