San Juan Mountains, Colorado

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San Juan Moutain, Colorado.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Well we received a lot of rain last night, which meant snow for the mountains.  What a treat – they sure look better with fresh snow!

Unfortunately, we also were hit by some very hard winds today.  Not only were the leaves being blown off the trees, we saw entire trees knocked down onto the highway.  We even saw a stop sign blown over.  Needless to say, thanks to the high winds, the window of opportunity for fall colors may have been even smaller then I anticipated.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

We have many more pictures of the San Juan Mountains.

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  1. I just left a note but did not I try again.
    I wanted to let you know that I love coming to your site, it always makes me smile and puts me in ‘awe’. I love these photos..they are so brilliant and rich with color and depth. I have to say, I love how our surrounding look after a storm. It seems to bring out its fullness & color. You are so very lucky to travel to this beauty and we are lucky that you are able to bring them to us!

  2. Great images Ron. Inspite of the inclement weather and grey sky, these images have turned out awesome. I loved the bottom one with spectacular colors and the wooden fence adding a strong sense of place. A real beauty I must say.
    Just one question: In situation such as this where the sky is greyed out, do you also convert the color image to B &W to see which one of the two stands out more ?

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    Thanks a lot for the comments!

    Great to meet you as well Ryan – thanks for the links, that really looks like a fun trail!

    kyungmee – thanks for taking the time to send such a nice message for a second time. I am very lucky! Knowing my efforts are appreciated makes it even more worthwhile.

    Swap – I haven’t tried them as b&w – I usually don’t, but it might be a good option here, thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks again for the nice comments.

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  5. If you are in Dolores, check out Traditional Charm antiques, spend lots of $$$

    nice pics of the sanjuans

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