San Juan Mountains, Colorado

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San Juan Mountains, Colorado

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Another fall photo from Colorado!

This was captured at 1/5 of a second at f/14 and ISO 400.  I used 400 because of the wind – I wanted to maximize the shutter speed, to minimize the movent in the brush.  This as with my 24-105 at 50mm.

Here are more photos of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.

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  1. So I’m curious, why not step down the ISO and ramp up the shutter speed, freezing out motion due to wind?

    Or another way, what do you mean by ‘maximise shutter speed’ and ‘minimize the moment’?

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    Thanks guys!

    Hi Scott. If I step down the ISO, then I would need a longer shutter speed to maintain the same exposure. The higher ISO allowed me to increase the shutter speed. I wasn’t able to touch the aperture because I needed the depth of field.

    My comment should read “minimize the movement” By maximizing the shutter speed, I can minimize the plant movement.

  3. Nice image and thanks for including which lens you used and what focal length you used it at. I have so many unusable images to wind. Did you have to wait long for the wind to die down?

  4. Beautiful shot as always Ron. The amount of time and work that went into finding this location is what impresses me. A good photographer can shoot a scene well consistently, but you have to find the scene! And spend the time to be there when the light, the clouds, the fall colors etc. are worth photographing. There are a lot of elements to this photograph that add to it, but if you didn’t have this high point so you can shoot over blocking trees or brush and in to that far bowl it would go from great to mediocre very quickly. Your hard work paid off again. Congratulations on another winner.

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    @ Ray Thanks. You know it never really did die down completely, but I was able to get by at 400 – I don’t think I had to wait too long.

    @ Carl – Thanks man!

    @ Calvin You now all to well from your own efforts! I really apprecaiate the kind words!


  6. Unique and wonderful shot Ron, Congrats.
    I was wondering if you had any tips on long exposure night photography. When ever I try to do shots over 2-3 minutes I get a ton of noise in my images. Your Canyonlands night shot is amazing, how did you get it so clean?

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    @ Ryan I didn’t do anything special, it was a 40 minute exposure at 100 iso and the noise wasn’t too bad. I did do a pass of noise reduction with Photoshop, but didn’t use a third party noise reduction program. There were a fair number of stuck (bright) pixels, and I did have to clone those by hand


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