Sandhill Cranes

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Sanhill Cranes, Seward, Alaska.

Sandhill Cranes, Seward, Alaska.

Seward was inundated with seasonal visitors this weekend, but I’m not talking about the two legged tourist type that typically start appearing about now.  Actually, there really weren’t any tourists in town with the Seward Highway closed all weekend.  No, we received hundreds, if not thousands of birds this weekend!  We went from very few birds, to huge flocks in just a couple of days.  The transformation this time of year is a treat to watch.

The most exciting to me were the Sandhill Cranes.  You could see and hear large flocks working their way up Resurrection Bay.  Most of the large flocks stopped for a quick bite to eat before moving on.  There were also large numbers of White-fronted and Canadian Geese, and lots of ducks, especially Northern Pintails, and even a couple of swans.

A flock of sandhill cranes leaving Seward, Alaska.

A flock of Sandhill Cranes leaving Seward, Alaska.

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  1. Beautiful images. Isn’t the Spring migration a spectacle to behold? I’m leaving shortly for a photo excursion where I hope to capture these very birds! Of course I won’t have such an awe inspiring mountain backdrop!

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    LOL – thanks Richard. Yeah, Bosque came to me which is nice – I prefer this backdrop.

    Jessica, I have been told Niebrugge is a Dutch word that means something like near the bride, or near the water crossing. I can’t confirm that for sure, but that is what I heard.

    Thanks Roberta – have a great trip!

    Thanks Dennis.

  3. A couple of great ones Ron. I have always been a fan of flock images like this that show the environment. I particularly like how the background has a muted tone to it in both of them – really makes the subjects pop.

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    Hi Jessica,

    Hey thanks for posting that link, that is an interesting page. Looks like I was close, now I know. 🙂

    Thanks again,


  6. Stunning image, of the four of them. Love how the pairs are beating their wings in synch. Background is great, color awesome. Great capture!

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