Sedona Rainbow, Arizona

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Sedona, Arizona

Rainbow over Cathedral Rock from Oak Creek, Sedona Arizona.

This is a wonderful location in Sedona.  I was here two nights earlier after a nice sunny day; I was shocked to see all the photographers.  My only other visit was during winter and the place was deserted.  This particular day was cloudy and raining, if you look close you can see the rain drops in the creek.  I noticed a small gap in the clouds to the West and thought there might be a chance for something special. Janine and I stood there in the rain and waited.  There were only two other photographers here this night, there must have been 20 two nights earlier.  Right before the scheduled sunset, the sun dropped below the clouds and lite Cathedral Rock in amazing light, and created a wonderful rainbow!  I moved quickly to position the rainbow on the rock and shot like mad!  It only lasted a couple of minutes, but what a wonderful couple of minutes.

Here are some more Sedona Photos.

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